Men of 40 years old who wear or wants to wear earrings


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Aug 28, 2019
Do you think men over 40 should be wearing earrings especially on both ears? I know a family friend who is a 40 year old male, married with a three year old son. I would like some opinions on him wearing earrings in both ears. He wear a sterling silver hoop in his left ear. He would like to wear one in my right ear as well but he thinks he have 2 problems with this.

Firstly, his wife thinks (I think so too) guys look too feminine with earrings in both ears and for this reason, she does not like for him to wear them in both.
Secondly, they now stay in Southern Ontario Canada and he thinks it is not that common around there for guys to wear earrings in both ears especially for someone his age.... Which is true lol. There are some guys I'm sure that do, but they are hard to find!

From what his friend told me, he is not trying to go against his wife's wishes and wear an earring in his right ear, but instead he would like to "convince/persuade" her that it is okay, but the fact that it is not that common around here, it will be hard to do that. Old prejudices and stereotypes are hard to get rid of.
Has anyone had a similar situation and if so, how did you deal with it? I am not talking about sporting anything outlandish either, just plain silver or good hoop earrings or occasionally some small studs.

Also, do you really think men his age should even be wearing earrings in one ear or even on both? I dont think so. I grew up with guys who use to wear earrings during their teens and they stopped because they think its not OK by society today.
Your thoughts?