Is this a good College or University? (reputation, cost, state school, graduates)


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Aug 28, 2019
This thread is for those looking at Colleges/Universities. You can ask about various schools around the world. People are getting piles of information from colleges all over and we have no idea if they are good schools or not. Some we have never heard of. Since this community is for people from all over the world, this will be a good place to get feedback on schools.

What programs are most schools known for? What is admissions like-highly selective, selective, everyone gets in, etc.?

This is strickly a discussion about choice of schools and information about schools.

List some of the priorities you or your child perhaps are looking for in a college.
For instance, if you want a college with a preppy feel and a sports program, you should mention that. If you know the intended major, you should ask how strong that program is. If you need financial and/or merit aid, you should mention that.

I feel that there is a good college for everyone out there, but not every college is right for everyone. Here are some things to consider:

Location - part of the country - rural, urban, semi-rural
Size of student body - 1,000, 40,000 or somewhere in between
Cost -
Financial aid
Merit aid
Campus atmosphere - preppy, laid back, all-work, etc.
Transportation - how close to public transportation
Co-op's required?
Graduation Rate
Avg. GPA of accepted students
% of students accepted
% of in-state students

All of these things may be on your radar when looking at colleges, if they are important to you, please put them in your post.

For example, University of Minnesota-Morris---it's a great smaller school, in a small town. It is fairly selective for a state school. It is known as the "private" state school as it offers a similar quality education. It's more of a suitcase college but not totally. It's a great starting point for pre-professional program (medicine, dental, etc.) with a pretty high acceptance rate into the main U of M campus programs.

Also, you can visit Best Colleges | Find the Best College for You | US News Education

Plug the college name in, and it will give you a relative rating. How selective, etc...